Tangled Yarns

Tangled Yarns

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Apple a day

Sugar & Corn syrup...it starts out looking so rough.

Ok, so I've been a bad, bad blogger. But it's been a bit crazy. Exams, Halloween prep, family drama, and a lovely day with a friend I haven't seen in too long. Once upon a time, we lived in the same town. And had Fabulous cooking sprees. Between her moving away, job and school schedules, we haven't gotten to indulge in a while. But yesterday we managed to sneak in a day of fun. On the menu: upside down caramel apple cake. Ok, that's not all we made, but that was the main dish for the day. I give much thanks to Food Network for publishing this gooey slice of heaven.

After some heat, butter and cream, it just looks so damn lovely

I love trying out new recipes, especially when there's a step like "Make Caramel." Because, really, I will use this information often, I'd be out of my mind not too. It was incredibly simple, and the whole time I kept thinking about all the other things I could make. Caramel corn, Candy apples, Caramel & Cream candies (those are actually in the works)

Silly me forgot to get pics of setting up the pan, but if we hadn't gotten it in the oven quick I would have eaten the batter and the caramel before we got it baked. They were both so good. So to take my mind off the deliciousness baking away, we decided to have some cheese dip with chips. Except we had forgotten to get chips, and no one really wanted to go back to the store. What's a girl to do? Grab some stale tortillas, some olive oil and make some! Best snack ever.

So much better than store bought!

And while they were frying up - we cleaned the caramel pan. The fun way. Just as good as getting the beaters after making cookie dough. We still had time to kill until the cake was done, so I whipped another batch of the caramel for other purposes. It's still hardening so I can cut it, or there's be pics. Messy ones. This stuff is sticky. Imagine that.
Apples slices are a great way to clean up extra caramel. :)

I had to make more. There will be candies ready soon.

The springform pan was the right size, but caramel leaked everywhere.

And the finished masterpiece.


  1. OMG, I am drooling, That cake looks YUMMILICIOUS. I wish I lived closer. I'm impressed that you all remembered to take pics. It looks like you and your friend had lots of fun.

  2. Oh, you had me at the word apples! Add caramel and I'm in heaven. This looks so good!