Tangled Yarns

Tangled Yarns

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Icelandic knitting

Ok...so I follow all sorts of things. Knitting is clearly a much loved hobby, and I joined Ravelry to meet other yarn addicts like myself. That's where I ran into Olof's blog. She makes beautiful toys, among other things, but the toys are what I love to see come to life.

She's posted a contest for cowl kits, her own design, to be made with Malabrigo merino worsted yarn in Garden Gate. (excuse my twitching hands, I'm trying to not reach out and stroke the yarn.)

Go take a peek at the pretties and throw your hat in the ring for the goodies. :)


Sunday, August 29, 2010

My first ever flash fic *gulp*


I lay in the comfort of your arms, slowing my breathing to match yours, willing my heart to beat in time with the rhythm of yours. The worries and fears of the day, of my life, disappear as my senses are filled by your presence. There is only us, isolated from the world by nothing but the weight of the quilt and it is enough. It is everything.

The buzzing alarm jerks me awake, and I feel tears prick my eyes. Who would have thought good dreams could make you weep.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A day at the doctor with my daughter

Well, actually, it was the Nurse Practitioners, but that wrecks the alliteration.

I usually have no problems with this place. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. So I go there for the easy things, like school physicals. I think there was one year with John that they got a bit backed up and it took almost an hour, but today...today I was horribly disappointed and irritated by the way things were being done.

They decided to try an assembly line tactic, with a nurse manning each station, and two nurse practitioners for the examinations, which take a bit longer. And it all went really well. Except at one station, where the nurse seemed to think that 3 - 5 minute task at hand should take a minimum of 10 minutes, and that it would be a good idea to chatter at her co-workers, who were WITH PATIENTS, in between dealing with her own patients. So a process that has never before taken more than 50 minutes, from check-in to walking out, took 3 hours.

Thank the powers that be that it was an appointment for Abby and not John. He would have been climbing the walls after the first hour, and pulling them down out of boredom by the second. Abby-girl, however, decided to turn on the charm. (Which explains how she got crayons, a coloring book and a couple of lollipops BEFORE she got to the shots.) As the nurses waited  for (and subtlely prodded) their errant coworker to pick up the pace, Abby coyly answered questions, playing shy at first and then showing off as time went by. She made up great descriptions for the pictures on the eye tests. There's a heart, a leedle heart and teeny baby heart, a couple of moon looking shapes, and the thing that you use to make vampires go away. (That's my girl.) And that's not a diamond. Those sparkle. It's a square on its corner. (Lord help whoever dates her.) She bravely handled the finger stick and blood draw for the lead test, and shed no tears over getting her shots. In fact, afterward she told me she knows she's ready to get her ears pierced because the needles don't bother her. The nurses found that hysterical. I did too, if only because I knew what her father's reaction is to her getting her ears pierced...

She's already plotting how to get his permission. *grin* Any bets on whether she gets them for her birthday in January?

Friday, August 27, 2010

How many projects can I have going?


Surplice cami being done in sunset colors
I used to hate starting a new project when I was in the middle of another - perhaps the large amount of unfinished sewing in my little craft corner weighs heavily on my mind. But lately, I've discovered that having a few projects 'on the side' let me keep working while taking a break from a large piece or a frustrating one.
I have nominally 'finished' a baby blanket - gotta' wait for gender indentification to add the appropriate border. I have another baby blanket, two sets of slippers, a camisole/boyshort set for myself, and a second cami for me all in WIP status. And just found out I'll be an auntie again come March, so add another blanket to the list.*blink* How'd that happen? (Not the baby thing. I'm good on that issue. Not thinking about it. That's my little brother. Ew.) I've never taken on so many projects at once. And oddly, rather than finding it overwelming, I finding it motivating.

slip your toes in
piece work for baby blanket #2
I love being able to work with the different patterns: changing colors, needle sizes and styles of work based on my mood, available time and where I'm at. I can carry the slippers with me and work on them while at my mom's or in the waiting room of the doctor's office. (Love those school physicals.) The blanket or camisoles can occupy my hands while catching up on a show. (The scarlett cami goes great with True Blood, the bright pink and green of the baby blanket matches the silliness of Psych and Leverage.)

lace for boyshorts
There is the occasion moment of frustration that I've done all this work, and have nothing completed. But one of the benefits of digital cameras and trying to share my work with people means I have reference pics of my progress. With digitally date stamped photos. :D It's fun to look at the progression of something. But I love being able to show off a finished item

One down, it's match and one more set to go.

So what do you do to keep motivated when you feel like you've been working on something forever, and not getting anywhere? This can be for crafts, home improvements, writing...what keeps you going? Do you like to have several things in the pipeline all at once, or do you focus on on thing at a time?


Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Yarn

A fellow knitter has a really great blog. She makes gorgeous toys and is lucky enough to try out some great new yarns. She's offering up a chance to get a cotton/wool blend that looks amazing. Take a look:


And tomorrow we will be back to our regularly schedule notes from me... :)

Smart Chicks Kick It Interview

Jennifer Barnes is going to be on a book tour with one my all time favorite authors (Kelley Armstrong) and Bitten by Books has an interview with her up on their site.
She shares some interesting thoughts on why she writes YA vs. adult fiction. You should check it out. :)


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another year....

I turn 35 in a few days...and I think it's going to be one of those things that doesn't hit me until it's actually here. I didn't have a problem when I turned 30. I don't think I really thought about it until I was 31, and someone said, "Well now you are IN your 30s."

That was a somewhat sobering thought.

I have never been the kind of person to make a list of things to achieve by a certain age. But there are things that I'd like to accomplish, and the realization that I have only so much time to do it in was a big one. So what have I done since the gobsmacking realization that I'm not 'a kid' anymore?

I went back to school. Got through the first year with flying colors and rediscovered my love of learning. I will get a second bachelor's degree with in the next year and a half, will apply, and get accepted into a Master's program. I will earn that Master's degree and continue on to a PhD.

I lost 40 lbs. I am at my ideal weight for the first time since I had my now 9 year old son. I need to tone, to gain endurance, but I am healthier than I have ever been.

I picked up knitting and crocheting again, with an eye on learning new techniques and skills. I was thrilled to find people who thought I do good work. Flattered that others with far more experience were impressed with what I can do, which is making me work on harder and harder pieces.

In the last year, I lost...not a friend, because sadly, I was not able to get to know her better...but an acquaintence who I admired and will always think of fondly. She was young, but had this energy and attitude that just couldn't help but make you smile. She was interested in EVERYTHING. Her death made me stop a moment and remember again that having goals meant nothing if you didn't try to reach them. She had a love of belly dancing - something I have always wanted to learn. So in her honor/memory, and to feed my own natural curiosity, I took her advice and have been learning through videos on youtube. I hope someday to take classes.

I am anticipating 35 to be just another year. Another step on a journey that really has no end. I hope that it is one filled with new ideas, new adventures, new and old friends. We'll see if I have that "Oh crap, I'm old" moment this weekend.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

To new beginnings

I have long admired the people who put themselves out there on this big wide web and talk about their lives. Who share their thoughts, ambitions, and work with all and sundry, leaving themselves open to the criticism and ridicule of thoughtless (or malicious) strangers. But as I have read the blogs and musing of my friends and acquaintences, and seen the comments that they have recieved, I realize that there's just as much support to be found. So here goes my attempt to blog. :)

I have been knitting for 5 and 1/2 years now. Crocheting for 4. I enjoy it a great deal, and only just recently came to realize that I'm actually kinda good at. The process is fun, though occasionally frustrating, as any good hobby is. I hope can share it with you in an entertaining way.

Here's a quick comic, from one of my favorites: Devil's Panties - no it's not satanic porn

Yes, things like that happen a lot.