Tangled Yarns

Tangled Yarns

Friday, August 27, 2010

How many projects can I have going?


Surplice cami being done in sunset colors
I used to hate starting a new project when I was in the middle of another - perhaps the large amount of unfinished sewing in my little craft corner weighs heavily on my mind. But lately, I've discovered that having a few projects 'on the side' let me keep working while taking a break from a large piece or a frustrating one.
I have nominally 'finished' a baby blanket - gotta' wait for gender indentification to add the appropriate border. I have another baby blanket, two sets of slippers, a camisole/boyshort set for myself, and a second cami for me all in WIP status. And just found out I'll be an auntie again come March, so add another blanket to the list.*blink* How'd that happen? (Not the baby thing. I'm good on that issue. Not thinking about it. That's my little brother. Ew.) I've never taken on so many projects at once. And oddly, rather than finding it overwelming, I finding it motivating.

slip your toes in
piece work for baby blanket #2
I love being able to work with the different patterns: changing colors, needle sizes and styles of work based on my mood, available time and where I'm at. I can carry the slippers with me and work on them while at my mom's or in the waiting room of the doctor's office. (Love those school physicals.) The blanket or camisoles can occupy my hands while catching up on a show. (The scarlett cami goes great with True Blood, the bright pink and green of the baby blanket matches the silliness of Psych and Leverage.)

lace for boyshorts
There is the occasion moment of frustration that I've done all this work, and have nothing completed. But one of the benefits of digital cameras and trying to share my work with people means I have reference pics of my progress. With digitally date stamped photos. :D It's fun to look at the progression of something. But I love being able to show off a finished item

One down, it's match and one more set to go.

So what do you do to keep motivated when you feel like you've been working on something forever, and not getting anywhere? This can be for crafts, home improvements, writing...what keeps you going? Do you like to have several things in the pipeline all at once, or do you focus on on thing at a time?



  1. Very nice blog and beautiful designs in your knitting Jax. I don't knit now (I have)but I have enough other hobbies that I wouldn't have time to do it justice. I do have a pile of sewing always, and several outfits/pants that I'm making besides writing constantly and renovations that never seem to end. I like to stay busy like you and like you, can take a break and tackle something that's waiting for my attention when I'm bored or had enough of something and just need a change of pace.
    Good blog Jax...thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us. :)

  2. Hey! I recognize that awesome slipper! :)

    To stay motivated on my bigger piece (the novel rewrite), I have fun with shorter pieces (flash fiction). Sometimes the rewrite drags me down, but I take a look at how far I've come since the first draft and think about my goals for when it's done and I dive back in.

    Thanks for sharing you craft with us, Laura. You're amazing!

  3. Finding ways to keep you not only interested but also entertained is the key to each of the artistic arts. I love writing, I really should do more but with the amount of reading I do, I put a lot of it off as I claim to myself that I'm learning from books, things that I can do, things that I can't. What would I do better, how would I have told the tale?

    You know basic questions that anyone who has an interest in the written word does. Likewise, I pick up and play the guitar which I find fun, and will spend time figuring out the tune and chords for songs I like. I can read music for the recorder but other than that I'm music illiterate prefering to "play by ear."

    Each to thier own and the fun crafty things you do are great. I've gone so far to get some simple sewing books so I can teach myself some basics in order to make some stuff for people for Christmas. Currently (although some help would be appreciated if you have any idea's) I'm trying to figure out how to make a round helm for a teddy bear. I've figured out how to make the rest of the armour, alongside an axe and how to attach it all to the bear but the helm is causing a major headache.

  4. Thanks guys :)

    Dros, what kind of materials are you using for the armor? How large is the bear? Could you use a ping pong ball cut in half, or maybe a tennis ball? Something with structure for the base of it, and then cover it? You could even cut holes in it to let the ears through. For something larger, if the materials can be molded, get a styrofoam ball that is the right size, and use it as a form for the rounded part, and then you can attach the detail work.
    Shoot me an email or pm with pics if you can and would like, and I'll brainstorm some ideas.