Tangled Yarns

Tangled Yarns

Thursday, November 4, 2010

'Is This Real?'

Song: Lisa Hall - "Is This Real?" Video by lanlailaala

I arrive at the appointed hour, using the code left on my desk to unlock the heavy door. The foyer holds only a small table with a flickering black candle the only light. It’s as if nothing exists outside the wavering circle of light.  I turned and locked the outer door, heart pounding as I commit to the evening. No stopping now.  My body shivers.  Not quite fear, but a delicious hint of it.
 I slowly unbutton my black trench coat, marveling at my hands' steadiness. My sure movements belie the turmoil in my head. Anticipation. Apprehension. Longing. Shame. Skin flushing, I am pulled toward the items on the table. Thick white parchment with red writing demands my attention. Gliding my fingertips over the bold script, I can hear his dark voice commanding me.
 Shoes off.  
Legs trembling, I slide my silk clad feet out of the red heels and leave them neatly under the table.
Coat on the table.
Take up the mask.
I shrug the coat off, shivering again. Focus on making the movement graceful. Pleasing to his eyes, even in his absence. Folding the coat, exchanging it for the satin mask on table. The motions set the candle flame dancing. Tendrils of smoke writhe, like a shadowy promise of what is to come. The warmth flickers against my skin through the lace lingerie, a caress from an invisible hand. My body tightens, longing driven by nervous anticipation. I lift the delicately embroidered mask to my eyes. My pulse races.
His phantom voice whispers instructions once more.
In your place.
 Unthinking, my feet bring me in front of the next door.  My body remembers well where it belongs. Sinking gracefully, gratefully to my knees, sitting back on my heels, I follow the last of his commands.
Always the most difficult to obey. The anticipation was delicious, but patience is a virtue I will never claim. My hands twitch as they rest on my knees. I want to touch and be touched. I still the mutinous thumb stroking the inside of my leg. The dark, the silence, they don’t bother me – I can hear him in my thoughts. Picture his presence.  The lack of physical stimulus torments me. In time, my legs numb to the hardwood beneath me. I am floating in the stillness of the room.
I focus on the aching desire, letting it fill my mind and skin. An internal flame licking through my body. Let it distract me, consume me.  The intensity swelling until I whisper, “Unreal.”
Strong fingers bury themselves in my upswept hair, pulling my face and breasts against a powerful, leather clad thigh.
From above, a deep growl, “Oh yes, pet, this is real.”


  1. Very hot!
    I'm not ashamed to admit I got a little turned on, lol.

  2. Dang girl! Hot hot hot!

  3. Well I found it a little disturbing, but that's alright with me. I'm interested in why she's attracted this way. Seems like a crowd pleaser so far.

  4. You present quite well the powerlessness of a submissive.

    Well done, you.

  5. Hot indeed! Great job, Jax. This is the second time you done a story from the submissive side, maybe we need to see the dom's POV next time. :)

  6. The BDSM aspect works very well for this piece of fiction Jacs. Great piece of work and you've cut at just the right point to let the readers mind take over.

  7. Good story! Yes, very hot. Not my cup of tea, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to occasionally read about...

  8. Whew, spicy! I was picturing a spirit lover, but perhaps that's just me. :)

    Yeah, not a place I'm inclined to visit, but it's fun to read the travel brochures. Great story!

  9. Thanks. I was nervous about posting this one.

    Gareth - I like leaving what's next for the audience. This kind of thing, as it's been stated, is not everyone's cup of tea. :)

    Eric & Gracie - to me, that's part of the fun of writing and reading - going places you might not be able to, or willing to, in real life.

    Danni - I would have to give it some serious thought to do a story from a Dom perspective. But now that you've put that out there...it will stew. :P

    Night, CDNWMN, & Sel *big grin*

    John and Marisa - The psychology of this is just as interesting to me as any other aspect of it. But then, I think sex is just as much about the mind as the body. Why else do things to set a mood?

  10. Heh, wow... nice. It was creepy and erotic at the same time.


  11. wow. I found this very erotic. The mind seduction, the control, the being controlled, and all of the tension built so perfectly to the moment at the end......just wow.

  12. Excellent pacing to this. Erotica isn't my bag but I can still recognise when it's well done, and this is very well done!

  13. This gripped me, and I focused on the visuals of it while I read. Quite erotic! Very hot! Very well done! You've got a great skill here Jax! Can't wait for your next piece. :)